The Z-Verse

The cutest, littlest universe in space

There are many universes, all branching out of the great torus which binds the multi-verse together. The Z-Verse is one such universe - a tiny, micro-universe, comprised of a handful of micro-galaxies and the jostling empires which make their worlds tick.

This Universe may be small, but it's got a lot of heart. If you happen to find yourself here, you might run into any number of mysteries which need solving, and the ambitious detectives determined to do just that. Or, you might make a new friend, much like yourself, in a nondescript diner by the beach. Look a little deeper into the Z-Verse and you might end up discovering something mortals-were-just-not-meant-to-know, and then live to tell the tale by candlelight (because, after all, they may be Gods and Monsters, but you've got chutzpah, and around here, that counts for a hell of a lot).

Yes, the Z-Verse is a very small place, and it has its fair share of quirks. But for the good folks of all species who are simply putting one foot in front of the other, day by day, the Z-Verse is home. If you want it enough, the Z-Verse can be your home, too.

A Sense For Memory

Madness in the Mayane archipelago

When a courier mysteriously goes missing (along with the valuable artifact they were transporting) , it's up to a sangfroid official to solve the case. There's just one problem: knowing whom to trust.

Tales from the Beyond

Terror in the dead of night

In a lonely diner, in a small town, a youth sits down and begins to read 'Tales of the Beyond' - the creepiest collection of horror stories outside of the Milky Way. Is the horror confined to the magazine?


Parties, politics and fistfights

Sa-Kolis, ruthless general and reluctant ambassador, travels to the shadowy court of the Artisans. There, she becomes embroiled in an assassination attempt, a kidnapping and an evil cult - in that order.

Latest Z-Verse Stories

Shorter Z-Verse tales for reading online!

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Escape from Angra-Mainyu

Ambassador Sa-Kolis receives an urgent mission: the space station, Angra-Mainyu, is about to plummet to its doom, taking invaluable research data with it. Sa-Kolis shouldn't have answered the call...
Read more +11 January 2018 By Zircona in Action/Adventure, General/Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Z-Verse Stories, Zverse

A scene from ‘A Sense For Memory – Part 2’

A short teaser for the upcoming xenofiction book, 'A Sense For Memory - Part Two'. Xa-Kol and Qwatajawa enjoy a friendly walk during winter.

Latest Original Fiction

Man sitting in creepy office aloneRead more +25 August 2018 By Zircona in Horror, Other Fiction

All Day, Everyday

Routines and habits can sometimes prove more dangerous than expected. Complacency has consequences. Tim learns this the hard way one fateful afternoon.
A lonely road shrouded in fogRead more +21 August 2018 By Zircona in Horror, Mystery, Other Fiction


She didn't like her new family. She didn't like her new house. She wished all of them would simply just disappear. But things couldn't be so easy - or could they?
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A holiday in the South Pacific goes awry when a valuable heirloom is stolen from the museum. That would be bad enough, but a supernatural threat soon emerges which is mysteriously tied to the missing artifact...