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The Zircona Universe is home to many alien worlds. The inhabitants appear to be enjoying a golden age of peace and technological innovation. However, that peace is not without cost and the brighter the light, the deeper the shadows…

The Z-Verse is a shared universe of sci-fi/xenofiction stories that follow the adventures of a growing cast of characters. These stories take place within the official novels, or shorter novellas which are online and can be read for free. Each story is essentially stand-alone but helps to build the overall tapestry which is the Z-Verse!

The best way to dive into the Z-Verse is to start with ‘A Sense For Memory’, which is the first novel ever written for the series, but it’s entirely possible to read the stories in any order that you like.


Defining xenofiction

Xenofiction is an incredibly interesting genre. Anything that takes place from the perspective of a non-human character is considered xenofiction, and as a result there are lots of works which incorporate xenofiction elements. Defining what makes a work exclusively xenofiction, on the other hand, is a little less clear cut.

Featured Story

Trick of the Light

A routine expedition goes awry when the crew of the Song of Sunsets come across a strange alien ship. With superstition and fear taking hold of the crew, only a boarding party can resolve the situation…

Z-Verse Novels

A Sense For Memory

Madness in the Mayane archipelago

When a courier mysteriously goes missing (along with the valuable artifact they were transporting) , it’s up to a backwater official to solve the case. There’s just one problem: knowing whom to trust.


Parties, politics and fistfights

Sa-Kolis, ruthless general and reluctant ambassador, travels to the shadowy court of the Artisans. There, she becomes embroiled in an assassination attempt, a kidnapping and an evil cult – in that order.

Tales from the Beyond

Terror in the dead of night

In a lonely diner, in a small town, a youth sits down and begins to read ‘Tales of the Beyond’ – the creepiest collection of horror stories outside of the Milky Way. Is the horror confined to the magazine?

Explore Latest Z-Verse Stories

Trick of the Light

Trick of the Light

The strange music coming from the alien ship could have been a summons, or a distress call – or it could have been a warning…

Escape from Angra-Mainyu

Escape from Angra-Mainyu

Ambassador Sa-Kolis receives an urgent mission: the space station, Angra-Mainyu, is about to plummet to its doom, taking invaluable research data with it. Sa-Kolis shouldn’t have answered the call…