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Zircona Works publishes original illustrated sci-fiction, xenofiction and speculative fiction. Read awesome stories online for free or explore the Z-Verse series of novels by indie author/illustrator R.H.Stevens.

The Z-Verse is a shared universe of sci-fi/xenofiction stories that follow the adventures of a growing cast of characters. These stories take place within the official novels, or shorter novellas which are online and can be read for free. Each story is essentially stand-alone but helps to build the overall tapestry which is the Z-Verse!

The best way to dive into the Z-Verse is to start with ‘A Sense For Memory’, which is the first novel ever written for the series, but it’s entirely possible to read the stories in any order that you like.

Featured Story

Trick of the Light

A routine expedition goes awry when the crew of the Song of Sunsets come across a strange alien ship. With superstition and fear taking hold of the crew, only a boarding party can resolve the situation…

Z-Verse Novels

A Sense For Memory

Madness in the Mayane archipelago

When a courier mysteriously goes missing (along with the valuable artifact they were transporting) , it’s up to a backwater official to solve the case. There’s just one problem: knowing whom to trust.


Parties, politics and fistfights

Sa-Kolis, ruthless general and reluctant ambassador, travels to the shadowy court of the Artisans. There, she becomes embroiled in an assassination attempt, a kidnapping and an evil cult – in that order.

Tales from the Beyond

Terror in the dead of night

In a lonely diner, in a small town, a youth sits down and begins to read ‘Tales of the Beyond’ – the creepiest collection of horror stories outside of the Milky Way. Is the horror confined to the magazine?

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Trick of the Light

The strange music coming from the alien ship could have been a summons, or a distress call – or it could have been a warning…

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“Just like in the videos,” Verlaine assured him. She sounded a lot more confident than she felt.

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Author note: This is fanfiction for Doctor Sleep - yes, I fully admit to writing fanfic from time to time when it strikes me! A grasp of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep (film adapation or book) is probably important for understanding this story in context. “My, my, what a...

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She didn’t like her new family. She didn’t like her new house. She wished all of them would simply just disappear. But things couldn’t be so easy – or could they?

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A holiday in the South Pacific goes awry when a valuable heirloom is stolen from the museum. That would be bad enough, but a supernatural threat soon emerges which is mysteriously tied to the missing artifact…

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