The Story

In a dwarf universe known as the Z-Verse, wormholes have enabled different species to leap across the cosmos, and a golden age of technology and culture has given rise to extraordinary civilisations and heroes. However, there is no light without darkness, and in the vast, unknown reaches of space, shadows will always gather.  Meet a wide cast of characters and follow their adventures in this multimedia shared universe known as the Z-VERSE!

A Sense For Memory: Part One

Commander Qwatajawa must unravel a lethal conspiracy when a powerful artifact appears in her usually-peaceful city.


An unwitting Ambassador from a far-away planet gets caught in the crossfire when an alien queen is assassinated.

Ghosts of Moonrise

The discovery of an old journal reveals the astonishing and sinister secret behind a legendary, long-lost village.

Escape from Angra-Mainyu

Ambassador Sa-Kolis is tasked with the retrieval of critical data from the plummeting space station Angra-Mainyu.