A Sense For Memory: Part One

Novel – Paperback | eBook

On a quiet archipelago, a courier is mysteriously abducted for reasons unknown. 

The cool and collected Commander Qwatajawa is assigned to the case and must battle not only mysterious forces, but also the troubled loyalties of her own team. 

As both professionals and onlookers sink into the web of lies, complex personal histories are gradually revealed, motivations are uncovered…and a dark secret will ensure that no one will walk away unscathed.

What reviewers are saying

An action packed sci-fi novel with graphics...

A ‘Sense for Memory’ is an alluring debut sci-fi novel with original illustrations. I love the accompanying graphics to the novel. It enables me to see the characters Stevens’ created and further immerse myself in the world.

It contains a plethora of character and backstories, leading up to major conflicts and events. The novel is elaborate and very detailed – things I really appreciate.

W. Sherman

A charming and exciting introduction to the Zircona universe

Kept me guessing right to the end and it builds in intensity to a satisfying and climactic finale, It has some wonderful world building and introduces quite a wide cast of enjoyable and in some cases quite funny characters.

– J. Head

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