A Sense For Memory - Part One

Illustrated Novel/E-Book

On a quiet archipelago, a courier is mysteriously abducted for reasons unknown. As both professionals and onlookers sink into the web of lies, complex personal histories are gradually revealed, motivations are uncovered...and a dark secret will ensure that no one will walk away unscathed.

Commander Qwatajawa, a sangfroid but compassionate officer, is assigned to the case and must battle not only a dark force out of the history books, but also the troubled loyalties of her own team. Meanwhile, her best friend watches in the wings with an agenda of her own.

This story takes place within the Zircona Universe, a shared universe of remarkable characters and their adventures.

ISBN: 978-0-9946442-0-6
Year of Publication: 2016
Author/Illustrator: Rhiannon Stevens

Ushen-Takaan had never been afraid.

Well, that wasn't precisely true. He had been afraid plenty of times in his life. When he had been a child he had been afraid that monsters would gobble up his feet in the night if he didn't wear socks. He had been afraid when he got stuck up a tree.

Ushen-Takaan got nervous too, and thought he might have had a real panic attack once or twice -- his forbidding father had that affect. But he had only felt true fear twice in his life. Once, when his mother didn't come home in two weeks like she usually did when she went on one of her trips, and the second time when his father had told him, a month later, that she probably wouldn't be coming back at all.

Since then, though, Ushen-Takaan's life had been absent of terror and so when he felt a chill work its way up his spine he attributed it to the weather and trembled for the cold and not for any hypothetical lurking in the dark.

- A Sense For Memory, Chapter 1