Archangels Series

Mass Effect is still a big inspiration for me, and I was touched by the friendship and love shown between Garrus Vakarian and Commander Shepard. I wrote these stories after years mulling over Mass Effect 3’s ending. Although I don’t typically engage with fanfiction, I felt (feel?) compelled to write down my personal canon pre and post-Mass Effect 3. Consider this my pitch for the wild hypothetical that the I.P. suddenly fell into my lap. Ergo, lots of action, adventure, a cozy mystery and a wholesome romance threaded through the escapade. 

One Fine Morning

Garrus awakens in a hotel room – alone. There’s only one explanation: his night with Commander Shepard was a one-time only deal.


After the Reaper War, Garrus Vakarian finds himself battling an old nemesis from his Archangel days – and without Shepard to bail him out.

Blue Skies

A what-if story exploring Commander Shepard sans Garrus Vakarian. Perhaps unrequited love is the most noble kind of love?