Archangels Series

Garrus Vakarian, former C-Sec officer, infamous vigilante and Turian rebel, traverses a dangerous post-war galaxy. His destiny is intertwined with that of the legendary Commander Shepard, an Alliance soldier who has walked through the fire and survived – but not without cost.

Archangels is a series of fanmade stories based off the Mass Effect franchise created by Bioware. The series segues from the events of Mass Effect 3, creating an alternate ending and a continuity of follow-up events.


The final battle in the Reaper War ended with a definitive victory for the species of the Milky Way. The destruction of the Reapers necessitated severely damaging the mass relays which were the cornerstone of galactic civilisation. Cities have been destroyed, their populations scattered to the four winds.

More than one year after the war’s concluding chapter, Garrus Vakarian finds himself one of the many million refugees marooned far from home.  Traumatised and grieving, his solitude is interrupted by an unwelcome face from his past, forcing him to confront a long-buried secret.

One Fine Morning

Garrus Vakarian awakens in a hotel room and contemplates his recent successes and failures. Set immediately after the events of Mass Effect 2. 

Blue Skies

As much as she deserves the accolades bestowed upon her, there are still some things Shepard won’t ever have.

An alternative look at the events of Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3, told from the perspective of Commander Shepard.

Ark/Angel Author Commentary

Commentary and musings on the Ark/Angel novella. Includes an explanation of how the illustrations were created and my personal thoughts on the characters and what motivates them during the course of the narrative.