Frequently Asked Questions

To satisfy your burning curiosity

I don't consider myself naturally gifted.

I wanted to tell stories, so I gradually picked up skills that allowed me to do that. I did go out and get an education and qualification relevant to the field, which helped to refine my skills (and taught me how to communicate my practice better to others), but ultimately my verdict is that the best way to learn something is to go out and do it.

If you want to write, go ahead and write something and let the chips fall where they may. The problem a lot of folks have is a propensity for planning, way too much planning. Some planning goes a long way, but there is a point where it simply gets in the way of you creating a finished product. In my Unitec days, they told us, in those anxiety-laden days prior to a project hand-in, that it was better to have something than nothing, since it was better to get a low grade than a 'Did Not Attempt' label, and I believe that 100%. It's always better to make something than to sit around talking about it.

I personally believe that passion and stamina are ultimately going to benefit you more than having an intuitive knack for words or imagery (although they are certainly welcome attributes!).

I fully intend to keep on telling stories until I go out like a true champion.

I would say Qwatajawa is my favourite character. She is what I consider to be a classic hero - noble, compassionate, but still humble and modest. Qwatajawa's nature is such that she is very composed, particularly amongst her more hot-blooded companions, and so she is a very fun character to write when the stakes get raised.

Additionally, Qwatajawa's cool thinking leads her to some unorthodox philosophical places relative to the rest of her species, the majority of whom are devout followers of the dominant religion. She therefore inhabits an 'outsider' role, but not in a misanthropic (if I could use the term here - probably not!) way.

Despite not always feeling completely enmeshed within society, being of the sort of be alone even in a crowd of people, Qwatajawa always treats those around her with courtesy and respect. That's another thing you'll note about Qwattie - she never uses contractions in her speech. At all times she is very controlled, polite and dignified.

Extremely. Do not major in any creative arts subject.

I love travelling and think it's essential for a good life and adroit brain, much like exercise, which I make a point of doing every day. Karaoke is a great stress-reliever and can be an excellent bonding experience between friends, as can painting, cooking and, of course, reading. Is eating a hobby? I consider eating a hobby, and one of my more preferred ones!