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“Just like in the videos,” Verlaine assured him. She sounded a lot more confident than she felt.


Author note: This is fanfiction for Doctor Sleep - yes, I fully admit to writing fanfic from time to time when it strikes me! A grasp of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep (film adapation or book) is probably important for understanding this story in context. “My, my, what a...


She didn’t like her new family. She didn’t like her new house. She wished all of them would simply just disappear. But things couldn’t be so easy – or could they?


A holiday in the South Pacific goes awry when a valuable heirloom is stolen from the museum. That would be bad enough, but a supernatural threat soon emerges which is mysteriously tied to the missing artifact…

Marie’s Painting

Marie looks as sweet as apple pie. She’s the girl who has it all – wealthy parents, a close-knit group of friends and power over the entire school. But this Friday afternoon, Marie is going to cross a line, and there will be consequences.