Make Time

A start-up business based in Australia, Make Time reached out to me through Bubble Branding, looking for custom design work. In particular, the client wanted to create visual pieces which would appeal to a very specific demographic: mothers working from home, or whom are looking to start from-home companies.

  • CLIENT Make Time
  • YEAR 2017
  • WE DID Logo Design, Business cards
  • PARTNERS Bubble Branding
  • Logo DesignI was asked by Bubble Branding to create a series of concepts for this start-up, aimed towards new mothers who want to work from home. The logo had to incorporate a serene colour palette, and it was suggested that a clock motif be added. Many concepts and developments were created until the client unexpectedly chose one of the more simple ideas - two contrasting typefaces with a soft grey and teal colouration.
  • Business CardsSeveral designs for the business cards were suggested, ranging from the logo on white to a more striking version which used black and blocks of teal to create visual appeal.