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On a quiet archipelago, a courier is mysteriously abducted for reasons unknown. As both professionals and onlookers sink into the web of lies, complex personal histories are gradually revealed, motivations are uncovered…and a dark secret will ensure that no one will walk away unscathed.

Commander Qwatajawa, a compassionate officer with plenty of sangfroid, is assigned to the case and must battle not only a dark force out of the history books, but also the troubled loyalties of her own team. Meanwhile, her best friend watches in the wings with an agenda of her own.

This story takes place within the Zircona Universe, a shared universe of remarkable characters and their adventures.

ISBN: 978-0-9946442-0-6
Year of Publication: 2016

1 review for A Sense For Memory ePub

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jordan Head

    A Sense for Memory by R.H. Stevens is separated into two shorter tales, phase one deals with a mysterious kidnapping of Ushen-Takaan, and follows Qwatajawa as she investigates the case. Phase two is the story of a rebellious illusionist learning the values of her craft and what it means to be part of it.

    Phase one really kept me guessing right to the end and it builds in intensity to a satisfying and climactic finale, It has some wonderful world building and introduces quite a wide cast of enjoyable and in some cases quite funny characters.

    Phase two was a very enjoyable read, it builds on the character Xa-Kol from phase one. After an incident past curfew that risks her expulsion, she is given a last chance attempt to prove that she deserves to be an illusionist. This story had a very small cast but as such felt much more intimate. It is a shorter and simpler tale than phase one, but it fleshes out Xa-Kol and builds more of the universe.

    This is the first Z-verse novel that I have read, and I have already purchased the two follow ups as I love the worlds and cultures that have been created.

    If you like stories from a unique and interesting perspective I would heartily recommend picking this up.

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