Illustrated Novel

Sa-Kolis, infamous former general and unwilling Ambassador, is flung into a world of political intrigue and ambition on her first assignment. Deep in the shadows of an alien empire lurks an enemy which covets, envies - and remembers.


ISBN: 978-0994644237
Year of Publication: 2016
Author/Illustrator: Rhiannon Stevens

Sa-Kolis stalked down the halls of Wermaxe Castle. There were several bags hoisted onto her armored shoulders, and every time she took a step their contents jangled about, indicating the presence of various pieces of high-tech equipment she had packed for her journey.

Sa-Kolis was a robustly proportioned Rit-Phyr, although she looked more athletic than bulky. Her posture was locked into a state of permanent combativeness, shoulders tense, fists clenched, head down and eyes alert. Under the harsh lighting conditions of Wermaxe's hangar bays, the dull and pale brown of her skin seemed to glow, making her four gleaming black eyes stand out in harsh relief.

- Triangulum, Chapter 3