100 Day Challenge: Day 1 thumbnailRead more +21 August 2018 By Zircona in Adventures, Blog, Design Projects

Zircona Works: Projects for the rest of 2018

It's time to create a more consistent workflow with the 100 Day Challenge, meant to push designers to up their output and increase their creative stamina!
Xa-Kol's Sacellum (thumbnail)Read more +12 August 2018 By Zircona in Blog, Zverse

Designing Xa-Kol’s Sacellum

The Sacellum is an important location in my Z-Verse series of books. To create compelling worldbuilding and architecture for fictional stories, we need to take into account the thematic aspects of what we're designing.
Escape Manor's Asylum roomRead more +05 August 2018 By Zircona in Adventures

Escape Manor’s Asylum

Escape Manor's spooky escape room attractions present something of a challenge for the non-analytical mind of this author.
Calligraphy with Barbara Nichol (thumbnail)Read more +23 April 2018 By Zircona in Blog

Calligraphy insights for complete beginners

Calligraphy and penmanship are excellent skills to have - writing becomes a soothing activity with artistic merit. In this first workshop with calligrapher Barbara Nichol, I gain valuable insight into how to start my calligraphy journey.
Shulkie ThumbnailRead more +18 April 2018 By Zircona in Blog, Tutorials

Creating a cute seal in Adobe Illustrator

Seals are some of the cutest animals on the planet. Learn a simple process to draw them inside of Adobe Illustrator using an easy technique that is very suitable for beginners getting started with drawing and this design program.
Converting simple sketch to vector illustrationRead more +11 April 2018 By Zircona in Tutorials

Making a magical cat vector

Let's draw some cats! Learn how I transform a messy drawing in the margins of my sketchbook to a clean and polished vector drawing.
Mixed Thoughts on PublishingRead more +02 February 2018 By Zircona in Adventures

Self-publishing vs traditional publishing

It's a question every author has to ask themselves - shall I publish this story by myself or get someone else to do it for me? Everything has it upsides and its downsides and it's up to the artist to decide between the two.
Read more +30 August 2017 By Zircona in Adventures

Changchun: An Adventure

I was sick of the cold and the rain in New Zealand. Changchun, China, seemed to be a better bet.